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Castori is focusing on the character trait PERSEVERANCE for the month of MAY and JUNE. Every morning we give words of encouragement on how students can demonstrate perseverance. 
What is perseverance?
1.Staying with the task and not giving up.
2.Showing commitment, pride and a positive attitude in completing tasks.
3.Trying again and again and again.
4.Being patient and willing to work hard.
What are some ways you can show perseverance?
1. When you are near the end of race and struggling to finish, find a burst of energy to cross the finish line. 
2. Try a new sport or skill that is difficult and don't quit.
3. Study and work hard to improve your grades. 
4. Always try to finish what you start. Don't give up when things get tough.
5. Try something again, even if you failed the first time. Remember you had to learn to walk before you could run! 

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Principal's Message

Meet our new Principal, Mrs. Schroeder. Read her message and join her for Coffee and Conversation the first Friday of each month from 8 to 9am.

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It is our philosophy that children are better prepared to enter Kindergarten and will be successful in their elementary education with Preschool experience.

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Our Smarter Lunchroom provides an opportunity for kids to make healthy choices in our cafeteria, with nutrition learning programs and activities.

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