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School Site Council



2021-22 Information Coming Soon


Michael J. Castori Elementary School

School Site Council

2020 - 2021 Meeting Schedule

Meeting Location:  Room 13 or Zoom

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM During Distance Learning/2:45 PM - 3:45 PM When Return to On Campus Learning

 School Site Council Members

Kirsti Schroeder, Principal

Kimberly Rivera, Vice Principal/Secretary

Sarah Smith, Kindergarten Teacher/Chairwoman

Lee Moua, 4th Grade Teacher

Maria Sanchez, Office Manager

Jorge Camacho, Parent/Community Member

Hasina Holleman, Parent/Community Member

Rachel Meyer, Parent/Community Member

Stasia Rinck, Parent/Community Member

Andrew Sanchez, Parent/Community Member

20/21 School Site Council Meeting Schedule

September 23 ~ Election of Chair Person/Secretary, SSC Training, Review of Bylaws, Addendum Approvals if Needed

November 9 ~ Addendum #2, Needs Assessment
January 19 ~ Needs Assessment, Addendum Approvals if Needed
February 23 ~ Review of School Progress to Goals, Needs Assessment, Addendum Approvals if Needed 
March 23 ~ Addendum Approvals if Needed 
April 27 ~  Addendum Approvals, Review of 21/22 School Plan
May 18 ~ Addendum Approvals, Approval of 21/22 School Plan

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