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Hybrid Learning

We_are_excited_to_welcome_Panthers_back_on_campus!_Thank_you_for_your_patience_and_understanding_as_we_navigate_new_procedures,_routines,_and_schedules._If_you_have_further_questions_and/or_need_clarification,_please_continue_to_ask_questions._Let's_continue_to_build_resilience_to_have_a_successful_return_and_end_of_the_year._   Card Icon
We are excited to welcome Panthers back on campus! Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate new procedures, routines, and schedules. If you have further questions and/or need clarification, please continue to ask questions. Let's continue to build resilience to have a successful return and end of the year.   

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Do all of my students have to enter their own grade level gate?
No. Siblings can enter the youngest student's gate and leave campus through the same gate.
Will teachers take temperature checks every morning?
No. Teachers will use their own discretion to check temperatures as needed.
Do all students have to wear masks?
Yes. All students are required to wear masks. 
Will the school provide masks for students?
Yes. All classrooms have a class supply of masks that will be replenished on a regular basis. 
How often are the classrooms cleaned?
Classrooms will be sanitized on a daily basis.
Will students need to bring materials to scchool? 
Perhaps. Check with your student's teacher to ask what will be required as this answer varies by teacher.
Do students still need to be on Zoom if they go to school?
YES. ALL STUDENTS are still required to have Zoom instruction AND asynchronous assignments (Google Classroom/Seesaw). 
Will students have lunch at school?
No. Lunch will be delivered to classrooms and taken home at dismissal. 
Can I come to my student's classroom to pick them up?
No. Visitors are not allowed on campus. Wait for your student outside their gate. 
Can I change my student's cohort? 
Yes. The next opportunity to change cohorts will be on April 20th. The change will take 1 week to process. 



On Campus Learning Starts 7:45 AM

  • Students may not arrive before 7:30.
  • Teachers arrive at gates at 7:40.
  • Students walk to class at 7:45.

On Campus Learning Ends 10:26 AM

  • Students walk to grade level gate at 10:26.
  • Older siblings may pick-up younger siblings at the gates.
  • Teachers stay with students until 10:36.
  • Students who aren't picked up will wait at the front of the school with noon duties.

Aerial View of Campus and Grade Level Gates

Arrival/Dismissal Map

Health and Safety

Health Procedures on Campus

  • Masks required for all staff, students, and visitors
  • Social distancing in classrooms and around campus
  • PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) in all classrooms
  • Daily sanitation of all classrooms
  • Symptom Room for ill students
  • Water bottles for all students in lieu of water fountains
  • Automatic hand sanitizers in all classrooms

Click the link below for more information on 

  • Symptom Checking
  • Symptom Check Decision Tree
  • Procedures for Symptomatic Students